Our passion is to combine rich Chinese food culture with high quality Finnish ingredients. Zhèn’s menu is full of experiences, come and sail on a culinary journey at the historical Navigator house. Huān Yíng Guāng Lín 欢迎光临!

BUFFET LUNCH (10:30-14 ) 14,9 EUR 

SUMMER MENU 1.6-31.8.2024 


incl. Soup of the day 例汤

Nigiri & Maki Sushi : fresh salmon, grilled salmon, prawns, tuna fish  and vegan options as well


Salad options:  caesar salad, green salad, fresh seasonal fruits

Coffee/tea, cake 咖啡&茶、甜点

Monday  星期一

Beef in Teriyaki sauce 照烧牛肉

chicken in chilli sauce    辣汁鸡 ***

Deep fried chicken ball 炸鸡球

Vegetable spring rolls  素春卷 VE

Mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐 VE ***

Stir-fried broccoli  with garlic  蒜蓉西兰花 VE

Fried chicken wings 椒盐鸡翅

Fried egg noodles with vegetable素炒面

Tuesday  星期二

Beef with onions  洋葱牛肉

Tiger prawns in chili sauce   香辣虾 **

Deep fried chicken balls 炸鸡

Fried chicken dumplings  炸煎饺

Tofu in house special sauce 家常豆腐

Stir-fried summer cabbage with special sauce 手撕包菜 VE **

Fried chicken wings 椒盐鸡翅

Fried rice with vegetable素炒饭

Wednesday  星期三

Beef in chili sauce 辣汁牛肉 **

Chicken with curry sauce 咖喱鸡

Deep fried chicken balls 炸鸡

KungPao tiger prawns 宫保虾

Tofu in Peking sauce   北京豆腐

Stir-fried summer cabbage with special sauce 手撕包菜 VE **

Fried chicken wings 椒盐鸡翅

Fried egg noodles with vegetable素炒面

Thursday  星期四

Beef in Sichuan sauce 四川牛肉 **

Chicken in Teriyaki sauce 照烧鸡肉

Deep fried chicken balls 炸鸡

Vegetable spring rolls  素春卷 VE

Tofu in curry sauce 咖喱豆腐 **  VE

Yuxiang Eggplant   鱼香茄子  VE

Fried chicken wings 椒盐鸡翅

Fried rice with vegetable素炒饭

Friday 星期五

Beef in Sichuan sauce 水煮牛肉 **

Gulu tiger prawns in sweet&sour sauce 咕噜酸甜虾

Deep fried chicken balls 炸鸡

Chicken Dumplings  炸煎饺

Stir-fried tofu with vegetable mix 什锦豆腐 VE

Broccoli and cauliflower  双花菜 VE

Fried chicken wings 椒盐鸡翅

Fried egg noodles with vegetable素炒面

*** Spiciness VE = Vegan

*** = Spiceness  G = Gluten Free  VE = Vegan



  • House Springroll  (VE or Meat)  春卷(素 |肉)     


  • Homemade dumplings (VE, Chicken or Beef)  煎饺 (素| 鸡肉| 牛肉)


  • Beef sirloin, green vegetable and in Sichuan style 水煮牛肉


  • Chicken with vegetable in KungPao sauce  宫保鸡丁


  • Eggplant in Yuxiang seasoning sauce 鱼香茄子


  • Tofu in special MAPO chili sauce 麻婆豆腐


  • Ice cream with 2 scoops 冰激凌球


  • Cappucicio Cake  蛋糕


  • Fruits  水果

Set with meat     —————————————————————- 28€

VE Set                 —————————————————————-22€

*** = Spiciness  G = Gluten Free  VE = Vegan




Mapo Tofu 

Tofu in special chili sauce 麻婆豆腐

VE or with meat

9,9€   /   10,9€


Perunaviipaleita kiinalaisella etikalla ja chilillä 

Potato slices with Chinese vinegar and chili 酸辣土豆丝

VE or with chicken

9,9€   /   10,9€


Kiinankaalia etikalla ja chilillä

Chinese cabbages with vinegar and chili 醋溜白菜



Paistettua tomaattia ja munaa

Stir fried fresh tomatoes with eggs 番茄炒蛋




  • Peppery chili soup with minced chicken and vegetables **    酸辣汤    6,5 EUR
  • Chicken soup with mushrooms   煲老母鸡汤       8 EUR
  • Seafood soup with mix of shrimp, squid and clams with vegetables 海鲜汤     9,5 EUR


  • Steamed Scallop 2kpl / 蒜蓉粉丝扇贝 (2个)       12 EUR/2kpl                  Extra 6 EUR/kpL 
  • Pan-fried dumplings with minced beef牛肉煎饺              8 EUR/4kpl        Extra 2 EUR/kpl 
  • Pan-fried dumplings with seafood mix 海鲜煎饺                  10 EUR/4kpl           Extra 2,5 EUR/kpl       
  • Homemade dumplings with vegetable mix素煎饺                 8EUR/4kpl                Extra 2 EUR/kpl


  • House spring roll with vegetable filling素春卷      5 EUR/kpl
  • House spring roll with with minced beef and vegetable牛肉末春卷         8 EUR/kpl 


Cucumber salad with garlic, soya and vinegar sauce  凉拌黄瓜                     8 EUR                          

Sliced beef in house special chili sauce凉拌牛肉                9 EUR

Cow louver and sliced beef in house chili sauce 夫妻肺片              10 EUR

*** = Spiciness  G = Gluten Free  VE = Vegan



  • Beef sirloin, green vegetable and in Sichuan style 水煮牛肉       22 EUR
  • Beef sirloin, with onions and vegetable in black pepper sauce   黑椒牛肉      22 EUR


  • Crispy pork belly in Canton Style脆皮猪肉                       18 EUR
  • Pork sirloin, green vegetable and in Sichuan style水煮肉片           18 EUR
  • Stir-fried pork with spicy green chili in Hunan style水煮肉片         18 EUR


  • Stir fried lamb with cumin and garlic孜然羊肉          22 EUR


  • Chicken with vegetable in KungPao sauce宫保鸡丁.                      16 EUR
  • Kanaa ja paljon chilia. Chicken with dried chili 辣子鸡                    18 EUR 

Zhèn fish (local pike perch) Menu 鲈鱼

Recommend for sharing

Steamed pike perch 清蒸鲈鱼        whole fish 整条                          38 EUR


Pikeperch in ”Squirrel” style / 松鼠鱼     whole fish 整条                    38 EUR                                                                       

Pike perch in Sichuan style 炝锅四川飘香鱼     whole fish 整条               38 EUR                           

Freshly sliced fish fillet in hot chili soup with vegetable mix朕式沸腾鱼      28 EUR    

Ilmoita henkilökunnallemme, jos haluat kalat ilman luuta

please inform our staff if you prefer to have the fish without bones


  • Tiger prawns stir-fried with with house-made salted eggyork 咸蛋黄大虾10-12kpl      24 EUR
  • Kung Pao tiger prawns 宫保大虾10-12kpl                22 EUR


  • Paksoi with shiitake mushroom  香菇菜心                               14 EUR                       
  • Eggplant in Yuxiang seasoning sauce 鱼香茄子                       14 EUR
  • Fried brocolli with garlic sauce 蒜蓉西兰花                              12 EUR      
  • Eggplant and fresh green beans stir fried with garlic and soya豆角茄子    16 EUR


  • Fried banana with ice cream香蕉冰激凌                     8 EUR  
  • Ice cream with 2 scoops 冰激凌球                              6 EUR
  • Cappuccino Cake with fruits     蛋糕水果拼             8 EUR                        


  • Fried egg noodle with chicken and vegetable 鸡肉炒面      14 EUR

(Kids under 12 can order ½ portion)

Fried egg noodle with shrimps and vegetable VE            16 EUR

(Kids under 12 can order ½ portion)

  • Fried noodles with chicken ,ham, tiger prawns and vegetable 三鲜炒面        16 EUR

(Kids under 12 can order ½ portion)

  • Fried rice with egg, chicken and vegetable 鸡肉炒饭                    14 EUR

(Kids under 12 can order ½ portion)

  • Fried rice with egg, shrimps and vegetable 海鲜炒饭                  16 EUR

(Kids under 12 can order ½ portion)

  • Fried noodles with chicken ,ham, tiger prawns and vegetable 三鲜炒饭           16 EUR

(Kids under 12 can order ½ portion)

  • Boiled dumplings with minced pork and cabbages饺子(猪肉白菜)                   18 EUR /15kpl          

*** = Spiciness  G = Gluten Free  VE = Vegan


Fried ice cream ball 炸冰激凌 10 EUR

Fried banana and ice cream香蕉冰激凌     8 EUR                

Ice cream with 2 scoops 冰激凌球   8 EUR          


*** = Spiciness  G = Gluten Free  VE = Vegan


Cantonese Roasted Duck


Reservation Only


Sliced duck roll 片皮鸭

38 EUR 

Sliced duck roll 片皮鸭

58 EUR

Incl. Flour pancakes, garlic leaves, sliced cucumber and hoisin sauce

without rolls
HALF DUCK  / 半只 
28 EUR 
48 EUR
Zhènin KUHA 朕式烤鱼

Grilled local pike perch with vegetable mix in Sichuan style hot-pot  soup 包含土豆、青菜、蘑菇                                                 58 EUR

kuha hotpot广式生啫滚烫鱼

Cantonese hotpot with fresh pike perch bone broth, sliced fish fillet, fish ball, vegetable plate: tofu, mushroom, vegetable and rice 鲜鱼汤、手打鱼圆、鱼片、青菜拼盘      58 EUR

PRE-ORDER ONLY ! ! It takes 30mins to prepare!


please inform our staff if you prefer to have the fish without bones


For 41 and 42 can order other side options:

+ 卤肥肠cooked  Intestine 11 EUR   +蛙腿 Frog legs 9 EUR + 豆腐 Tofu 4 EUR   +酸菜Fermented vegetable 2 EUR


  • Whole lobster (450-500g) in Chinese way      龙虾                                                     78 EUR
  • Whole crab steamed with house soya, vinegar and ginger sauce. 螃蟹                    58 EUR

Zhèn ’s Seafood Platter “Le Royal” 188 EUR

Merirapu kokonainen/Scampi 挪威小龙虾 6kpl

Katkarapu keitetty/Shrimps  北极虾20 kpl

Osteri Fine de claire 顶级生蚝  12 kpl

Taskurapu kokonainen keitetty 600-900G  面包蟹 1kpl

Sinisimpukat /shell  青口贝25-30kpl

Hummeri elävä 450-500g Kanada 加拿大龙虾 1kpl




*** = Spiciness  G = Gluten Free  VE = Vegan

Wine list


Mucho Mas Tinto 12cl 10€, 16cl 12€ bottle 38€ SPAIN                                                                                     Tempranillo, Syrah

Aromaattisessa tuoksussa tummia marjoja. Maku on hedelmäinen, mineraalinen, jossa häivähdys kaakaota

In the aromatic aroma, dark berries are present. The taste is fruity, mineral, with a hint of cocoa


Condado de Oriza Roble  12cl 12€, 16cl 14€ bottle 42€    SPAIN  Tempranillo                                                                                                                                                             Kypsän hedelmäinen tuoksu, josta löytyy kirsikkaa, luumua, vaniljaa ja paahdettuja kahvipapuja. Maku on suun täyttävä ja erittäin tasapainoinen. Maussa löytyy mukavasti tanniinien karheutta yhdistettynä hedelmäisyyteen ja hapokkuuteen

A ripe fruity aroma, featuring cherry, plum, vanilla, and roasted coffee beans. The taste is mouth-filling and very well-balanced, with a pleasant combination of tannic roughness, fruitiness, and acidity


Nicolon Barbera d’Alba doc 2021   bottle 56€

ITALY     Barbera                                                                    Intense red ruby color with violet highlights. The fragrance is captivating with notes of maraschino cherry, musk and blackberry. Elegant and harmonic body, with a gentle acidity. Good structure with marked fruitiness and vanilla

Intensiivinen rubiininpunainen väri violetin sävyillä. Tuoksu on lumoava, sisältäen maraskinokirsikan, myskin ja mustikan vivahteita. Elegantti ja harmoninen rakenne, lievän hapokkuuden kera. Hyvä rakenne, jossa erottuu voimakasta hedelmäisyyttä ja vaniljan vivahde


Arnegui Reserva 2017  bottle 59€      

SPAIN Tempranillo                                                                                                   Rehevän täyteläinen punaviini, jonka maussa makean kirsikan sekä vadelman vivahteita. Harmonisen tasapainoiset tanniinit ja mausteinen jälkimaku. Kevyt, aromikas, rubiininpunainen.

A lush and full-bodied red wine, with flavours reminiscent of sweet cherry and raspberry. Harmoniously balanced tannins and a spicy aftertaste Light, aromatic, ruby ​​red.


Kings of Prohibition Shiraz Australia                                                                                                                            bottle 58


Täyteläinen, intensiivinen, hienosti tasapainossa oleva punaviini, jonka makumaailmasta löytyy tummia marjoja, suklaata sekä tammea. Viiniä on kypsytetty tammessa 18 kk ajan ja osa tammitynnyreistä on vanhoja viskitynnyreitä

A full-bodied, intense, finely balanced red wine with flavors of dark berries, chocolate, and oak. The wine has been aged in oak for 18 months, with some of the barrels being old whisky casks


Borsari Amarone, Veneto, Italy      bottle 69€                   Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Tuoksu voimakas ja täyteläinen. Maussa mausteisuutta, kypsää hedelmää, kuivattua luumua, rusinaa ja kirsikkaa. Pitkä jälkimaku. / The smell is strong and rich. On the palate, spiciness, ripe fruit, dried plum, raisin and cherry. Long aftertaste.

Muga Reserva 2018; Rioja, Spain bottle 82€ 

Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo ja Graciano                   Miellyttävä hedelmäisyys sekä mausteisuus, vanilja, kookos ja savuinen tammi.Pleasant fruitiness and spiciness, vanilla, coconut and smoky oak.


Zen Garden, Pfalz, Germany 16cl 9€, 24cl 12€  bottle 38€

Riesling, Kuiva, raikashappoinen, erittäin puhdaspiirteinen. Kypsiä sitrushedelmiä, omenaa ja mineraalisia sävyjä. / Dry, fresh acidity, very clean character. Ripe citrus fruits, apple and mineral tones.

Loudenne Les Jardins Château Blanc  ORGANIC; Bordeaux, France   16cl 9€, 24cl 14€ bottle 38€

Sauvignon Blanc, SemillonVoimakas hedelmäinen ja herkkä, sitrus ja persikka. / Powerful, fruity and delicate, citrus & peach.

Schmitges Erdener Treppchen Großes Gewächs Riesling; Mosel, Germany     bottle 58€


Graniitista tynnyreistä. Ihanasti voimakas, monimutkainen ja syvä.From granite stone barrels. Wonderfully intense, with complexity and depth.

Van Volxem Rotschiefer Riesling 2018; Saar, Germany  12cl 14€; 16cl 16€; bottle 84

Riesling, Tyylikäs, rehevä ja hapokas, kevyesti sitruunaa. / Elegant, exuberant, acidic, lightly lemon.

Domaine Chanson Viré-Clessé 2018; Bourgogne, France bottle 68€

Chardonnay; Puhtaan hedelmäinen, virkistävän mineraalinen. / Clearly fruity with refreshing minerality.

Chablis AOC Domaine des Hâtes 2019; Chablis, France bottle 78€

Chardonnay; Tasapainoinen, mineraalinen, jossa kirpeitä tuoksuja. / Balanced, minerals, nice sour nose.

Chablis Premier Cru Les Lys 2006 Defaix; Chablis, France ,bottle 118€

Chardonnay; Upea, herkullinen ja voimakas. / Gorgeous, delicious and powerful.


Dragon & Fire

Moutai Prince 4cl 53%

Rasperry, Blood peach, sugar acids (Malic acid, citric acid)

Tonic Water

Bamboo & Tonic

Zhu Ye Qing 10 Years 35%

Infused with bamboo leafs and herbs

Tonic Water