When you step into Zhèn, you enter a different world. Classic colors and unique interior details come together in an environment that echoes the elegance of yesteryears and the twists of the world. Welcome to Navigator House.

The History of Navigator House

It was the year 1905 in Helsinki. The citizens of Helsinki were treated to the newly completed Navigatortalon, a masterpiece of Jugend style designed by Harald Neovius. The Finnish Steamship Company operated within the building for the next 50 years. Many sea voyages and trade agreements were planned within these walls, and more than a few glasses were raised at the bar in their honor. The latest chapter in the rich history of the building is being written in Zhèn’s kitchen.

The history of the building in the maritime world aligns with Zhèn, as water is one of the five elements in feng shui. Water is traditionally associated with good energy, new opportunities, and success.

  • The building, designed by Harald Neovius, was completed in 1905.
  • It served as a business hub for shipping companies and shipowners.
  • In the 1920s, it underwent changes designed by David Frölander-Ulf.
  • Finland’s first Chinese fine dining restaurant opened in 2021.

Experiences at Zhèn

The Delicious Encounter of Cultures

In China, it’s customary to share food among the table companions. At Zhèn, portion sizes are designed so that customers can happily order multiple dishes and try everything that’s on offer. A culinary journey of flavors awaits you.

Delights for the Palate and the Eyes

The chefs at Zhèn are unwavering professionals in their field. They are dedicated to delivering authentic Chinese flavors. Zhèn’s dishes are comprehensive experiences, a delight for both the palate and the eyes.

The Best Drinks from the East and Beyond

Quality beverages make the dining experience perfect. At Zhèn, you can enjoy a diverse selection of premium beers, spirits, and wines from around the world. All the beverages in our selection are carefully curated.